Why Not Consider Adoption?

Now that the reality of being unexpectedly pregnant is sinking in, you realize you have a decision to make. That’s the beauty of having options. You get to look at each one and choose the option that’s right for you.

Take a closer look at making an adoption plan for your child. Depending on your situation, it could be the perfect answer to a difficult situation.

What Is Adoption?

Adoption is the legal process of transferring the rights and responsibilities of being a parent from a birth couple to an adoptive couple. It isn’t co-parenting which is why you can take your time to choose the right family to raise your child.

No matter why you’re considering adoption, you’re thinking about your child first. It’s a loving, brave, and difficult decision to make. We want to give you as much information and support as possible to know if choosing adoption is right for you and your child.

What Are The Different Adoptions Plans?

There are three basic adoption plans to choose from: open, closed, and semi-open. There isn’t a right plan or a wrong plan. As the expectant mom or birth mom, you choose the plan that’s best for you and your child. 

Open Adoption

A fully open adoption plan means both you and the adoptive family share all identifying information. You exchange your full names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Together, you decide the level of contact you want to have with one another.

For some women, open adoption allows them to confirm they made the right choice. It’s a chance to build a new relationship with their child.

Closed Adoption

If you would prefer to have complete privacy, you would plan a closed adoption. No identifying information is shared and once the adoption is finalized, you’ll have no other contact with the adoptive family.

The chance to move on is why some women choose a closed adoption. If you’re in a hostile situation, a closed adoption can also be the safest for you and your child.

Semi-Open Adoption

This plan is somewhere in between the first two. You share first names with the adoptive couple, but any other communication you have is through a third party.

This plan is perfect for women who want some contact and updates on their child, but still want to remain anonymous.

Where Do You Begin?

At Care Net Pregnancy Center, we’ll give you referrals to adoption agencies and specialists we trust. You need a reputable organization that will assist you all along the way and won’t charge you for any of their services.

Start by asking the agency about their process, your legal rights, and what you should expect during each phase.

Choosing The Family

One of your biggest decisions is choosing who will raise your child. Because there are many adoptive families to choose from, picking a family isn’t done quickly. You’ll want to pick the one that meets your requirements.

You decide how important education, travel, siblings, hobbies, etc. are. The agency will find families who meet your expectations. You’ll know when you see them. They’re waiting for you.

Making Your Adoption Decision

Only you can determine whether adoption is your best option. Choosing adoption isn’t easy. It’s a tough decision, but so are your other choices. You want what’s best for you and your child and so do we.

Contact us to set up an appointment and talk about this option and your others. We want to help you make the best decision for you.